Friday, January 7, 2022


It’s JANUARY !!!…. (Drummmmroll)… That means it’s NACHMO time ! 🤩

No, not your favorite snack, but NAtional CHoreography MOnth ! 

And what’s that, you may ask ? Why it’s your choreographic inspiration-fueled session of daily prompts, movement explorations, and connection to your fellow dance makers—the local and national NACHMO community. 

Prompt #1 ! ❇️ INTRODUCE ❇️

Hi ! My name is René and I love to make things. I am a dancer, poet, and painter. I am the founder of Can I Color Now Studios and the director of Cherish Dance. I believe that art is powerful and that it can help change and unite the world ! 💫

My NACHMO goal ? To make at least three new and different pieces (no length, topic, or genre holding me back). 😍

📸 taken at the amazing Cheaha State Park 

Join in the movement, here ! 🔽