"I think I understand how inspiring art can be, for example, when I see a performance or go to a museum or hear a great song, and I want to bring that transformative experience to the stage with Cherish. I have a strong background in ballet and modern dance. I am also a poet and write about everything from nature, to family, to abstract ideas. With the narrative nature of modern dance already in my movement vocabulary, all that I need is an interesting piece of music, and the images start flying out."

"In its performance of “The Gift,” choreographed by René Nesbit, Cherish Dance played with sheer scarves that matched their colorful gem-toned dresses. Their lightweight pieces of fabric became much more than props, as the four dancers took turns portraying whimsical moments, such as a knock at the door to connect friends, youngsters dressing up in formal clothing, and a patty-cake rhythm. Audience members smiled and giggled, a reminder that joy erupts in the everyday interactions and a time when peace may be at its greatest: childhood."

Voyage ATL : 5.18.2022

"I believe that creativity is the access point to so much of our emotional life and the components that help the rest of our existence to flourish. That is also one of the founding beliefs of my company–Can I Color Now Studios. We believe that art is powerful and that it can help change and unite the world."

“For some, such as René Nesbit, this round of A.M. Collaborative is in fact a return. Nesbit – an Atlanta-based poet, thinker and choreographer since 2016 – participated in the previous 2020-2021 session and expressed how the program exceeded her expectations … What arose is a stunning tableau centering around compassion, community, resistance and other human responses to hardship.” 

“The diverse line-up featured 13 creatively crafted submissions ranging between music, poetry, dance, and film. The event offered both in-person tickets, which sold out ahead of time, and a virtual screening option. René Nesbit, founder of Can I Color Now Studios and director of Cherish Dance, hosted the event with elegance and inspiration, inviting audience members to find their own ways to celebrate this holiday.”

Into the Proscenium : 2.23.2021

"In ... Through Deep Waters, (René Nesbit) directed, danced, and choreographed. (She) shared statistics about the world’s lack of clean water and donated the entirety of their ticket sales to the charity of cause, Charity: Water. The result felt like a deep passion project and an outreach effort that stretched into the corners of the Atlanta dance community by providing performance opportunities to a range of different artists in different mediums."