Thursday, May 19, 2022

Last Week at Peachtree

Daw, it's my last week here at Peachtree Gym, but we'll be back in full swing in the fall ! I teach multiple levels of modern dance, and you can also check out their cool contemporary, musical theater, and ballet classes at the handy link below. -->

Peachtree Dance

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Voyage ATL Interview

"If I hadn't been pushed by the new demands of motherhood or the novel environment of Atlanta, then I might never have decided that NOW was the time to make something that truly mattered. Something that connected people together..."

Thanks, Voyage ATL, for the fun interview and for sharing my story ! You can check it out at the link below -->

Life & Work with Rene Nesbit

Tuesday, May 17, 2022


I love to make art for my friends. This one is for my pal Nimia and is inspired by her favorite quote, 

"To stop the flow of music would be like the stopping of time itself, incredible and inconceivable." ~ Aaron Copeland

Even slightly abbreviated, this phrase had LOTS of letters in it. And both doodles were hard for me, but I am always up for a challenge (for my patience and my shaky hand ! Lol).

Friday, May 13, 2022

May Art Prompt

May Art Prompt !

Let's look for ways to celebrate the little things and cultivate that fun feeling. Take a photograph ! Write a happy encounter down ! Dance to encourage yourself or with a friend !

And don't forget to tag us when you share your #canicolornow moment. We'd love to hear from you and help fill the world with more art.


Thursday, May 12, 2022


Throwback Thursday to when I registered Can I Color Now Studios for incorporation, for the second year in a row. (Yay, taxes. Lol)

But seriously, it does feel good to have something on paper saying, yes, you exist, you function, keep doing what you're doing.

Free sticker to anyone who can guess/remember/research how long CICNS has actually been in existence.... (Hint, longer than two years.)

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

"Higher Ground" at Decatur Arts Festival

I'll be representing Cherish Dance this weekend at Decatur Arts Festival !

Brought together by Beacon Dance, this two-day showcase includes entertaining and thought-provoking dances in various styles, including our modern dance, "Higher Ground," on Sunday !

Come take a stroll, enjoy the artwork, and catch a show while you're there.

May 8th, 4:00 PM

231 Sycamore Street, Free event !

Sunday, May 1, 2022

"Higher Ground" at GDP Show

"The strength that you need / has been with you all along. This is simply the moment / to prove it."

~from "Soar," a poem by yours truly

"Higher Ground" begins with this poem and the dance further elaborates the story of how connection, forgiveness, and trust can bring a new perspective into one's life.

I performed a solo rendition of this piece at Gwinnett Dance Project's showcase, "Home." Thankful for the opportunity to represent Cherish Dance and for all the other artists who made the night so special !


Wednesday, April 27, 2022

"Write Your Name"

📝 Happy National Tell A Story Day. ☀️

Here’s the intro to “Write Your Name”…

a poem I wrote for my wonderful high school students, back in 2017. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Cherish at GDP's "HOME"


I’ll be performing a solo rendition of ‘s new piece, “Higher Ground.”

You can catch its premier alongside a whole bunch of other lovely performances, including dances by @gwinnettdanceproject and @bluebirduncaged …

Tickets are pay-what-you-can and 10% of donations goes toward Ukraine relief.

Eventbrite Ticket Link

Sunday, April 24, 2022

Hollow Bones

So happy to support this lovely artist and her dancers.

"Hollow Bones" by Nadya Zeitlin and Bautanzt Here, part of the Art on the Atlanta Beltline exhibit

Here's a little poem/thought flow that I wrote yesterday, after seeing their work...


Functional Bones

The idea of a shell
of a mold, an encasing
an expectation...
Who are you with it ?
Who are you without it ?
How are you united with others ?
And how are you separate ?
How do you move in your own story ?
How do you change roles and witness
or participate in other stories ?
How do you witness your own ?
What does it mean to be seen ?
To be protected ?
To be exposed ?
How are you connected to your surroundings ?
What do you see as a burden ?
As a success ?
Who is watching you ?
And how do you take responsibility in your response... ?
What have you abandoned ?
And who have you become ?
What rests inside your own bones ?