Can I Color Now Studios promotes self-expression, creativity, and peace 
through all of our productions.

We believe that art is powerful and that it can unite and change the world.

We believe that creativity is an essential part of our humanity.


Here is our story :

Can I Color Now Studios started out as the name of a made-up production company. 

I was in graduate school. I remember typing out the quirky phrase at the bottom of a poster I'd designed.

As in : "Are we done now ? Can I break out the crayons now ??"

Fast forward to a few years later, and I'm teaching high school English and Science to a small group of wonderful young people. Seeking always to inspire my students, I encouraged them daily to create artwork and writing that was meaningful to them. And then I looked at the paintings and endless poetry journals strewn around the house and pondered what to do with my own.

Ah-ha ! Can I Color Now Studios returns ! Brought to life with a website and some serious determination, this dream of mine can now breathe this mission statement :

Give your thoughts some visual space. Find yourself in your art.

Too often we postpone the simple desire to play, tinker, and make things, because of all of the have-to's and suppose-to's.

I think what we need most, however, is some creativity in our lives.

So, why idle for permission ?? Pick up your pencil or dab into that paint set and decide boldly where you will mark !

The joy of coloring is highly underrated.