Thursday, May 27, 2021

Udemy Art Therapy : Prompt 3

Ahhh..... mandalas.

I remember making these in my English class with my high school students as a way to investigate feelings and symbols. And they are so magical for that !

The 3rd prompt from Udemy in my art therapy course, this video lesson was great at explaining how to get started and they also provided a handy printable template. I found that I needed some more examples, however, for the specific doodles inside the circles, so I watched this YouTube video, as well (link below).

How to Draw Mandala Art for Beginners

Hope you get a chance to draw some soothing circles soon, too !!


Saturday, May 22, 2021

Art on the Green


Wow, it was a beautiful day last Sunday. Thankful for all the staff and organizers at Woodstock Arts (formerly Elm Street Arts) for working so hard and putting together the Art on the Green event. 🙏🙏🙏

It was so nice just to see so many people walking around, smiling, and enjoying the festivities.

As an artist, I really loved speaking with other people about the joy of creating. Next time, we’ll definitely have an interactive table for kiddos to make art at. I wasn’t sure if I could handle both that and managing the booth, but now I think it’s doable. You never know until you try !

And if this looks like a solo endeavor, it’s not. I absolutely could not have done it without the patience and support of my husband, the feedback and helpful ideas from my friends, and the countless different ways that my family has encouraged me to continue to pursue my dreams. Much, much, MUCH love to you all. 🤟💙

Saturday, May 8, 2021

** Artz 'N Park Festival **

It was a beautiful day to dance !! 

Thank you Mr. Paulo Manso de Sousa and everyone at Southern Arc Dance for the wonderful Artz 'N Park event. This year's gathering was especially meaningful. It was the first social event bringing people together in Newnan, GA after a long year of quarantine and a tornado that hit their lovely town.

You can find out more about the inspiring work they're doing, here:

A big thank you to Ms. Cathy and my dance family at Academy of Ballet for all of their support and for the rehearsal space that made this performance possible !

I'm looking forward to Cherish Dance bringing more love to Artz 'N Park next year !

The full video of "Joyful" is up on YouTube. -->