Sunday, January 31, 2021


Celebrating the two year anniversary of my book, A Branch, A Few Words... with a poem.

Still humbled and a bit amazed that you can find my book in paperback and in Kindle format on Amazon.

Fun fact : I first started recording my poems last year, during quarantine, when I literally had no other excuse not to. Lol 

I always have fun making these videos. Thanks so much for listening !

This is, "all keys"...

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Thursday, January 14, 2021

"Music of Our Lives"


Always happy to collaborate with this girl--my Ah-May-Zing-Ly talented best friend, 
Charmaine Flake. 
Join us on January 31st for a whole bunch of cool artsy mash-ups, courtesy of Smart Orchestra
Pieces include some of my choreography, poetry, and paintings set to vibrant music.

See you there ! --> Music of Our Lives, Online Event 

Enjoy on YouTube :

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Our *WHY*

When you know what your values are, it makes your mission clear. 

If you are curious about Can I Color Now Studios... here is our "WHY"... 

with a couple of my paintings in the background.

Saturday, January 2, 2021


It's NACHMO time ! Welcome to January--NAtional CHoreography MOnth. 

I'm pleased to be participating for the second year in a row and want to start off by thanking 

last year's awesome hub director and host, Ms. Tori Vincent. 

This dance photo is from my performance of "Million Pieces" at last year's super cool 

NACHMO Atlanta showcase at Active Space. 

For every day in January, there is a new prompt on Instagram ! 

And you can find some of the cool videos I've made in response, here, 

on my YouTube channel