Thursday, October 7, 2021

Into the Proscenium POD Review

 🎵👻 “If there’s something cool… in your neighborhood… Who ya gonna call ??... 
Into The Proscenium !” 🎵😋

(I am totally blaming this segue on @artsfirstcreativestudios and our conversation this morning.☺️)

But in all seriousness ! Go read the review of our Peace Day Celebration and show YOUR support for local artists. 👉

Peace Day Celebration 2021 gives voice to local artists (

All $405 of ticket sales went to @peaceoneday_official !! 🤗

•Repost from @intotheproscenium
We were thrilled to review @canicolornowstudios ‘s latest community offering! Welcome to the fall season of dance!