Thursday, July 22, 2021

Udemy Art Therapy : Prompt 4

 * vision board *

These are the things that matter to me : art, love, community.

And these are the skills that I feel empowered by—the ability to make good decisions, to believe in a better future, and to create change and connection through creativity.

The 4th prompt from @udemy in my art therapy course, this task was a little intimidating ! (Ooo, a whole “vision” board. Right now ? Like, I have to tell you what I want ??? Yikes.)

Lol It took me forever to get started, but once I began plucking those words and images from the paper, I really started to relax. Like, ah yes. This is what I’m meant for. 

And the video lesson was great at reminding the viewers of just that—the process is just as important as what you make. That answering these big questions of “What is a happy life to you ?” and “What are your goals for the future ?” really brings the mind home to your core values and helps you settle feelings that might previously have felt like mishmash.

Sooo if you’re needing some comfort and clarity, I highly recommend this exercise. All you need is some scissors and a magazine !

Find yourself in your art.